How to Choose the Right Gas Contractor in NYC

If your property uses gas powered appliances or you want to install them, you will need an experienced gas contractor to complete the work for you. In NYC, the Department of Buildings requires a licensed master plumber to perform work that includes gas pipe installation, repair, inspections, and other related projects for safety reasons. 

But beyond this requirement, there are a few factors you can use to pick the right LMP for your job.

Considerations When Choosing an NYC Licensed Master Plumber

There are many priorities when it comes to installing and maintaining a gas piping system on your property. You need services that will keep your natural gas sir system operating safely. But you also need to be able to expect a quality job, timely completion of work, and competitive prices. Some of the things to look into when choosing your gas system contractor include:

  • LMP Certification – You should be sure that any gas contractor you are working with is a licensed master plumber or will be supervised by a licensed master plumber. Services completed outside of this scope could result in fines, gas violations, and service interruptions due to improperly done or unauthorized work.
  • Project Timeline – When it comes to any gas inspections or other work in which you have a deadline, such as Local Law 152 inspections, it helps to start searching early since schedules can fill up. Starting your search for an LMP with plenty of time can give you more options to choose from.
  • Time Estimate – Your LMP should be able to give you an overview of the project and let you know about how long it should take, as well as any expected service shut offs during that time. 
  • Project Management – Depending on what kind of gas piping system work you need, you want to be sure that your LMP can handle it, including the process of filing all necessary permits, completing work as described, and handling any challenges that come up.
  • Cost Estimate – With any project, a cost estimate is extremely valuable in making the final decision. Make sure you get a transparent estimate that includes labor costs, materials costs, permit fees, and any other expenses associated with the installation or repair.

Empire Plumbing Inc is a leading licensed master plumber in NYC that offers services for gas pipe installation, gas line repair, and gas pipe inspection. With competitive prices and honest and transparent service, we can help you navigate any project with gas piping systems or meet NYC gas piping system requirements for inspections. Get started with our gas piping system services for residential and commercial properties and contact our team at Empire Plumbing today.

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