What Causes Gas Leaks on NYC Properties?

A natural gas leak in your home or on a property you own can be a scary occurrence. Leaking gas lines can lead to a buildup of natural gas in the air which is an extreme fire or explosion risk if there is an open spark on the property. Also, a natural gas leak can also have more subtle health consequences as natural gas replaces available oxygen in the air, leading to oxygen deprivation for people and animals present on the property.

Because of the risks of natural gas, it is important to know what causes gas pipes to leak. This can help you keep your gas pipes functioning correctly and make you aware of any potential leaks after damage to pipes, hopefully helping you prevent a gas leak from ever happening. 

Causes of Gas Pipe Damage

A gas leak does not need to be big to cause problems. In fact, a smaller leak can sometimes be more dangerous. While large gas leaks may result in obvious signs such as the smell of sulphur and hissing noises, small gas leaks may be more subtle as gas builds up more slowly before you recognize there is an issue.

Seeing any of these issues should necessitate a follow up inspections to determine if they have resulted in a leak:

  • Incorrect Installation – Ill-fitting pipes, the wrong fittings, and unauthorized installations are among the leading causes of gas leaks.
  • Aging Appliances – As appliances get older and undergo regular wear and tear, the connections between them and pipes can weaken and result in leaks.
  • Pipe Corrosion – Water can deteriorate the metals in gas piping, particularly in older pipes. Rust and corrosion physically weaks the pipes.
  • Physical Damage to Pipes – Pipes hit with blunt force or put under extreme pressure can crack or be knocked loose from their fittings, leading to a leak.

If you suspect any of these on your property, whether or not you notice symptoms specific to a gas leak, you should take safety steps to protect yourself and your property. It is always better to call a NYC licensed master plumber than wait for the situation to get worse and potentially devastating. At Empire Plumbing, we have the tools and technology to determine if your gas pipes are leaking and how we can effectively repair them to keep your family and your property safe.

We also perform Local Law 152 inspections in accordance with the NYC Department of Buildings to help local property owners detect gas pipe damage early on and make the necessary repairs before those before gas lines can develop a dangerous leak. If you are worried your gas piping system may be leaking, give us a call today.

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