Multifamily Residence Renovation with Empire Plumbing Inc

A kitchen or bathroom renovation is a great way to upgrade your apartment, condo, or co-op in NYC. Many Manhattan and Brooklyn residences are older and a remodel is an opportunity to replace dated appliances and update layouts to meet your current needs. But any renovation that involves gas needs an experienced contractor and multifamily residences have additional standards to meet.

Empire Plumbing Inc is a local plumber in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Staten Island. Our gas plumbing services for renovations include all of the work you need to complete a remodel from installation to changing piping layouts. Our professional team also has the expertise necessary to guide you through the renovation process, help with permits, and answer any questions along the way. Get a cost estimate for your renovation when you call us at (718)494-7301.

What Makes Empire Plumbing Your Leading Choice in NYC

Empire Plumbing Inc is a licensed master plumber, which meets the NYC Department of Building requirements whenever your bathroom or kitchen remodel entails alterations to the existing gas pipes or gas pipe installation. We have years of training and expertise in working on gas lines in local multifamily properties, and working with the DOB, utility companies, and HOAs. Our plumbers and services are:

  • Transparent - We are upfront about the work and costs your renovation will require and can provide honest guidance whenever you need it.
  • Experienced - Empire Plumbing has worked on renovations in multifamily properties of various ages and sizes. We know how to adapt our work to fit your property.
  • Affordable - Our rates for gas pipes in a bathroom or kitchen renovation are competitive and backed by a satisfaction guarantee.

We also know the value of exceptional service. We are a company you can trust in your renovation project, delivering excellent results. Our team is friendly, professional, and dedicated to helping you get the kitchen or bathroom you want with minimal hassle and cost.

Why You Need a Licensed Master Plumber for Renovations on Multifamily Properties

Any renovation that includes changes to gas pipes and plumbing requires partnering with an experienced company, but a multi-unit dwelling has additional considerations. Your home may share gas lines and meters with other units, as well as the walls where the gas pipe system runs.

The Department of Buildings divides renovations on multifamily buildings in NYC into two categories:

  • Alteration Type I 
  • Alteration Type II

The first alteration is anything that involves structural change to the building, so it is not something that homeowners in a multifamily building will be taking on.

Alteration Type II renovations are those where the layout of gas lines, plumbing, and electrical will change, which is generally any renovation that involves more than replacing appliances. You may be adding onto a kitchen or bath, changing the floorplan of your home, or upgrading to gas heating or appliances.

The NYC Department of Buildings requires a licensed master plumber to complete any work involving gas pipes for this type of renovation. This is because any work on the gas line in a multifamily building will inevitably impact adjacent units. As a licensed master plumber, Empire Plumbing ensures that your renovation does not cause any issues for neighboring units. We are also highly trained to work safely, protecting the health and property of all of the building’s residents.

Our Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation and Gas Pipe Services

Kitchen renovations or bathroom remodels in NYC can require many different changes. We can install pipe in an addition or change the location of pipes to align with the design for your updated space. Our services manage each part of the process. For many property, this looks like:

  • Understand Your Technical Needs - We review any technical documents from your engineer and designer, and discuss your own expectations. We can also provide an initial inspection of your gas system. We can use this information to provide a cost estimate for your project.
  • Work with Your Contractors - Most renovations in NYC require multiple contractors. We can arrange the time and order of our work around that of engineers, electricians, and others working on your home.
  • Secure Necessary Permits -Your property must have a permit on file with the DOB before any work is done. If you need other permits or coordination with utilities, HOAs, or building supers, we can help guide you through that process. 
  • Perform Renovation Work - At the right stage of your renovation, we complete work on the gas lines. We are efficient to help you avoid any delays and keep the process moving forward on time and budget.

The final step with any project that alters gas pipes is testing. We check pipes and connections for any leaks in your home and in any other parts of the building that may have been impacted by a gas system shut off. The testing helps us guarantee the safety of our work.

Types of Multifamily Properties We Provide Service For

Empire Plumbing partners with property owners in neighborhoods throughout Manhattan, Staten Island, and Brooklyn. In addition to homeowners and tenants, we can assist building owners, property managers, and building supers. Whether you are remodeling one unit or multiple, we can handle projects of any scale.

Our entire range of multifamily plumbing services is adaptable to:

  • Condos
  • Co-ops
  • Apartments
  • Townhomes

Basically, any dwelling that shares walls or ceilings with other units is subject to special safety considerations and requirements. Our team understands the challenges involved with gas lines and renovations in multifamily residences and we complete our work quickly without ever sacrificing safety or quality.

Start Your Renovation with NYC’s Best Licensed Master Plumber

You have choices when it comes to licensed master plumbers in New York City that can assist you with a renovation of your condo or apartment, but none can provide the quality of work, excellent service, and reasonable rates you will find at Empire Plumbing. Contact us today to start the discussion about your remodeling needs.