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When Does a Garbage Disposal Need Replacement?

Garbage disposals are a standard feature in many Brooklyn properties. They are one of the most useful kitchen appliances, as they reduce trash, make cleaning easier, and prevent your home from smelling like old food if you forget to take out the garbage. So when they stop working properly, it can be incredibly frustrating.

Unfortunately, garbage disposals are just like all other appliances. Over time, they will break down and need to be repaired or replaced. So how do you know if your disposal needs a maintenance visit or replacement? Below are some indicators that it may be time to call a plumber for your garbage disposal.

You Have to Constantly Reset

It is not unusual to need to use the reset button after you have dealt with a clog in your disposal or if you have put a lot of scraps down the drain. However, if you find that you are frequently resetting your garbage disposal, it may be a sign that your motor is starting to fail, in which case you may need a garbage disposal replacement.

It Is Clogging Frequently

Every disposal is at risk of clogging over time, no matter how careful you are. But frequent clogs should not be occurring, especially if you are using common clogging avoidance tips, such as:

  • Only disposing of food items that are meant to be put in the disposal
  • Running water during use and twenty seconds after the disposal is done grinding.
  • Cutting up smaller food pieces and putting them in slowly

If you are following these tips but are still struggling with consistent clogs, it may be a sign that something is wrong with your garbage disposal, or that you may need a disposal that has a larger capacity.

There is a Leak From the Disposal That Cannot Be Fixed

Older piping and drains leak, and usually have simple fixes such as replacing O rings or tightening the connections. But there are also more complicated and costly leaks that signal the need for a new garbage disposal. If you find that you have a leak in your sink flange or in other parts of your garbage disposal, it is usually less expensive to install a new unit than repairing the current one.

The Blades Become Dull

If you are finding that foods are taking longer to grind than normal, or have frequent clogs with soft material, your blades may have become dull. When this occurs, it is definitely time for you to consider garbage disposal repair or replacement in Brooklyn.

Odors Linger

Odors in your garbage disposal are usually normal, and do not require repair. These can usually be cleared up with citrus peels, ice cubes, or baking soda and vinegar – all of which are capable of clearing out the smells from old food caught in the machine.

But occasionally you are not able to clear the smell. If this occurs, you may have smells that are permanently trapped in your unit or the drain lines. The only option may be to replace the garbage disposal. A trained NYC plumber can help you determine whether or not the smell is caused by something that is removable.

You Are Remodeling the Dishwasher or Kitchen Sink

It is not always necessary to replace your unit just because you are updating your kitchen or replacing the sink or dishwasher. However, if you have considered replacing the garbage disposal at any point in the future, or your disposal is over 10 years old, it may be time for an upgrade. Since you already have trained plumbers on site for your remodel, it may be more convenient for them to put in a new and more efficient model, rather than have them wait until something goes wrong with the unit.

Contact Empire Plumbing Today for Your Brooklyn Garbage Disposal Replacement Service

Due to the dangers of working on a system that is designed to pulverize food materials, and the problems that can occur if the disposal is installed incorrectly, it is best to leave garbage disposal replacement to trained plumbers. If your garbage disposal is showing signs that it has reached the end of its lifespan, call Empire Plumbing at 718-494-7301 to schedule a consultation.