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Troubleshooting: How to Determine the Cause of Your High Water Bill

In an ideal world, you would be notified of a problem with your plumbing long before there was an issue. Unfortunately for many Brooklyn residents, plumbing issues do not usually announce themselves, and you’re left troubleshooting the issues that could be affecting your home’s water.

One of the first signs of a potential plumbing issue is an unusually high water bill. High water bills do not always mean that there is a problem, however. If your water bill is higher than usual, or if you have seen a steady increase in your bill for several billing cycles, you may have to consider your own behaviors and how they may have contributed to a higher than average water use, including:

  1. 1.Recent Changes in Your Water Use –Situations such as prolonged guest stays, filling a swimming pool, or a change in the season can affect your water use.
  2. 2.New Equipment That Uses Water – New equipment such as washing machines, sprinkler systems, or freezers can increase your water bill.
  3. 3.Issues With the Meter – Your meter could be faulty and need to be replaced, or you may have a new meter that runs better and more accurately shows your water consumption.

These are some common scenarios that you should consider when trying to determine why your water bill is so high, and can be altered with a few lifestyle changes.

But if you have tried to reduce your water use only to see that your bill is still high, chances are the problem is a leak.

Locating Leaks in Your Home

Leaks can happen at any time with any type of home, but are especially common in Brooklyn, where many of the pipes are older and in disrepair. The most common leaks are:

  • Running Toilet Leaks – Leaking toilets can waste up to two hundred gallons of water daily, adding up quickly on your bill. Hearing the toilet running all night or seeing small puddles around the toilet are signs you are dealing with a leak.
  • Leaking Faucets – Showerheads and faucet fixtures that leak can also slowly add up to an exorbitant bill. Even though you may be only seeing a few drops, those drops add up over the course of a monthly cycle. Check to see if your fixtures have a consistent drip after you turn them off.
  • Leaking Irrigation – Sprinkler lines and loose joints can cause a high water bill as well. Check for damp areas in your yard or areas that are growing more lushly than others. Irrigation leaks should be handled by a plumbing service as they can be the result of animals, tree roots, or improper installment.

In more severe circumstances, you leak may be in an underground pipe fixture or in the lateral lining that is under your Brooklyn property. It may be possible to tell that you have a leak if you have an unusually damp area of your property, but often these types of leaks go completely unnoticed.

If you are experiencing a high water bill, whether or not locate the leak, call Empire Plumbing at 718.494.7301. We can diagnose the problem and fix the issue so that your water bill will be back to normal in no time.