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Common Challenges with Shower Installations

Shower installations can be a tough job, even for those experienced in remodeling. All shower installations require strict attention to proper drainage, code requirement, and the incorporation of plumbing fixtures. If you know what you are doing, installing a new shower can be a great change that your bathroom may desperately need.

However, if you are like most homeowners or companies, installing a new shower yourself is extremely difficult. That’s why it’s important to turn to an expert. Our Brooklyn plumbing service can handle shower installations on both a small and large scale, as we are master plumbers with significant expertise in NYC shower installation, and we’d love to help you with your next bathroom remodel.

When faced with a shower installation, it is important to consider all of the challenges that you may face. Some of these include:

Subsurface Water Damage

One of the biggest problems that you will encounter when installing a new shower is subsurface water damage. Leaking shower pans and valves can cause a tremendous amount of damage to the structure of your bathroom, but all of that will usually be hidden until you remove the older fixture. When there is a need for structural repair before installation, there is always an additional cost and work involved, so be prepared to address the issue – especially in older NYC homes.

Violating Local Building Codes

Many people who choose to DIY their shower installation forget to check New York City codes and ordinances. There are local codes that have to be followed to minimize the chances of accidents, damage, and other building issues. Before digging into a new shower installation, check if there are restrictions for your project or call a Brooklyn plumber who knows local code.

Using Wrong Piping

Cutting corners with hardware is never safe. But many DIY and non-plumber shower installers do not necessarily understand how important it is to use the right size and quality for their piping. If you are not an expert in plumbing hardware, it is wise to choose a plumber to do this job instead.

Not Lining the Tubing Properly

When two channels are not aligned properly, it results in consistent leaks that will cost you a substantial sum in repairs. In addition, if your tubing isn’t lined up with fittings or stop valves, it will leave gaps that will also cause leaks and damages. To ensure that you don’t have any leaks after your shower installation, find a New York City plumber with installation experience.

Not Flushing Debris

When you are done installing the plumbing for your new shower, it is important to make sure that you flush any accumulated debris. Fragments within the pipes or through any other fittings will quickly clog your sinks or harm the trim of your plumbing. To make sure this doesn’t happen, flush debris by opening the hose valve before your run water in your shower.

Consider a Brooklyn Plumber for Your Shower Installation Needs

Anything worth doing is worth doing correctly. If you are contemplating installing a new shower in your Brooklyn home, you really only have two options – do a lot of research and take the risk of doing the project yourself, or hire a local New York City plumbing professional such as Empire Plumbing.

If you want to make sure that your shower installation goes off without a hitch, contact us at 718-494-7301 to schedule a consultation. Our installation technicians are ready to ensure that the installation process goes smoothly.