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5 Causes of Malfunctioning Garbage Disposals

Garbage disposals are one of the most useful tools in your kitchen. They cut down on garbage, make it easier to clean, and prevent clogged drains. Your garbage disposal is an often forgotten, but incredibly valuable addition to your home.

However, because they are used so often, they are at risk for breaking down over time. In some cases they may malfunction, and when that occurs it will be important to correctly diagnose the problem in order to figure out how to fix it.

Common Problems with Garbage Disposals in Brooklyn

Correctly installed garbage disposals are excellent machines. But over time, many different problems can occur that may cause issues with your garbage disposal. These include:

  • Flywell Jams – Your disposal will jam if you put foods such as avocado pits, grains, or food with bones into it. Sometimes you can remove the jam by yourself, but make sure that you always turn off the disposal before you attempt to remove any pieces in the flywell.
  • Drain Blocks – Foods such as rice and other grains expand when you add water to them. If you choose to dispose of any excess through your garbage disposal, they can cause a blockage if they aren’t rinsed away. Make sure that you run your disposal for thirty seconds after grinding to make sure that any lingering food is removed from the drain.
  • Damage to the Gears – If you hear grinding sounds coming from your disposal even when the food has cleared, you need to call a professional. The sound of metal on metal means that the moving parts in your garbage disposal may have been damaged and could need to be fixed or replaced.
  • Motor Issues – If your garbage disposal doesn’t turn on, and you have checked your circuit breakers and fuses, you might have a blown motor. When a motor bearer freezes, it can keep the flywheel from rotating and can quickly cause an overheating problem. If there is any excessive heat or burning smells coming from your disposal, call a plumber immediately.
  • Leaks – While leaks may not cause your garbage disposal to stop working, it is a problem that needs to be addressed immediately. Leaks at the sign flange, dishwasher connection, discharge drainpipe, and the bottom of the garbage disposal are the most common and can mean that your garbage disposal needs maintenance and repair work done.

If you suspect that your garbage disposal needs repair or is in need of replacement, don’t hesitate to contact Empire Plumbing. Our plumbing technicians can diagnose and repair any issues that you may be having with your garbage disposal as well as offer assistance for other plumbing issues around your home. Contact us today at 718.494.7301 for prompt and affordable Brooklyn plumbing assistance.