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Manhattan Sink Installation and Replacement

Working sinks that fit in the space and add to the décor of a property are crucial components of kitchens and bathrooms. That is why so many Manhattan Residents call Empire Plumbing – the leading choice in both sink installation and sink replacement in Manhattan.

We work with all types of property owners and construction teams in Manhattan, including homeowners, building owners, and developers. Our installers can also work side-by-side with contractors and other companies to get the desired result, and we can work independently with property owners to make sure that you have the right sink for you.

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Manhattan Plumbing Fixture Relocation

Moving in Manhattan is never easy, especially if you became fond of some of your plumbing fixtures. Although they may seem like a permanent part of your old home, the right expert can relocate them for you – taking them out of the floor, wall, or countertop and bringing them to your new home.

If you are in need of Manhattan plumbing fixture relocation, call the experts at Empire Plumbing today. We can safely and carefully remove a fixture from one property and place it securely in another, all with a low cost and professional service.

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Manhattan Kitchen and Bath Design | Design Your Perfect Manhattan Bath or Kitchen

Two of the most important rooms in any Manhattan home are the bathroom and the kitchen. Not only are these rooms frequently used for common everyday chores - they also see plenty of foot traffic from guests, and play a key role in the evaluation of a property’s worth.

If you’re in the market to design a Manhattan kitchen or bath in your home, the team of experts at Empire Plumbing have years of experience and will work with you to ensure you get the room you always imagined.

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Manhattan Bathroom Fixture Replacement | Affordable Bathroom Fixtures in NYC

While every bathroom serves the same purpose, there are numerous ways you can differentiate yours from all the others in Manhattan. Bathroom fixtures are one such example, as they provide a great way to add extra functionality to your bathroom and improve the bathroom’s appearance and value.

If you ever find yourself with a bathroom fixture that is no longer working properly or otherwise needs to be upgraded, the professionals at Empire Plumbing are happy to help you install or replace any bathroom fixture on your property.

Our Manhattan Bathroom Fixture Replacement Services

Our goal is to provide you with the bathroom fixtures that will make the best impact in your Manhattan property. We will help work with your specific needs, installing fixtures that differ in:

  • Style
  • Material
  • Function

If you live in a multi-family housing or commercial facility, we will also pay attention to the complexities that are associated with these types of plumbing systems, so that the entirety of the property is working properly. At Empire Plumbing, our professionals are experienced plumbers who will ensure that your new fixtures function properly.

We are also Master Plumbers that are located directly in the New York City area, which means we are also well aware of coding and regulation issues, and will make sure that your fixtures are installed legally and properly. Whatever your bathroom fixture installation needs in NYC, our team of support staff will make sure that it is completed on time and on budget.

Manhattan Bathroom Fixture Services

In addition to new NYC bathroom fixture installation, we also provide bathroom renovation and repair services, and we work with many commercial properties installing unique and interesting bathroom fixtures in businesses all over Manhattan.

Customers of ours enjoy knowing that they only need one number for anything to do with their Manhattan plumbing or other important services. Whatever you may require in the future, you’ll have a team of professionals you know you can trust.

If you are interested in learning more about our installation services, contact us today at (718) 494-7301 and let’s talk about the fixtures in your Manhattan bathroom that need replacing or any other services you have in mind.

Manhattan Kitchen and Bath Installation | Custom NYC Kitchen and Bath Plumbing Installation

Manhattan kitchen and bath installation is something you should only trust to skilled, experienced professionals. When handled correctly, these rooms can be the main attraction of your home. If installed incorrectly, the appeal of your home will suffer and you’ll find yourself inconvenienced on a day-to-day basis.

That’s why it’s so important that you call upon the trusted installers at Empire Plumbing in Manhattan to handle all of your Manhattan plumbing needs.

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Boiler Repair and Installation from Empire Plumbing in NYC

Boilers are a very important part of your home, keeping your water properly heated for your comfort. Just like many other systems that play a role in your comfort, they require regular maintenance to continue to run smoothly. Most Brooklyn residents have heard stories of older boilers that are finicky – and the cause is often that they were not properly cared for by their owner, or repaired by non-experts.

If you are in need of boiler work in New York City, Empire Plumbing offers a comprehensive range of boiler services. From repairs to regular maintenance to boiler removal and installation, we are a full-service plumbing company that is prepared to help your boiler continue to operate at full capacity in the months and years to come.  

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Empire Plumbing: Brooklyn Plumbing Contractor for New Home Construction

Plumbing is a crucial component of any Brooklyn property. At Empire Plumbing, we know how important it is for your construction company to have a certified master plumber that understands the needs of the modern Brooklyn building.

That is why we have partnered with many of the leading construction and remodeling companies across New York City, and would be happy to help you with your new home construction projects.

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Why Won't Your Washing Machine Drain?

When your washing machine suddenly stops draining, it can be problematic. Not only can it become harder to clean your clothes – it also becomes easier to struggle with an overflow, and generally means that there is something wrong with either the machine or the system.

It’s important to correctly diagnose the cause of the poorly draining washing machine in order to fix it. Most of the time, the issue is going to be with the appliance itself. It may be time for you to replace the washing machine, or take it to a repair shop. However, there are specific times that the issue may be related to the plumbing, in which case an experienced Brooklyn plumber may be necessary.

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When Does a Garbage Disposal Need Replacement?

Garbage disposals are a standard feature in many Brooklyn properties. They are one of the most useful kitchen appliances, as they reduce trash, make cleaning easier, and prevent your home from smelling like old food if you forget to take out the garbage. So when they stop working properly, it can be incredibly frustrating.

Unfortunately, garbage disposals are just like all other appliances. Over time, they will break down and need to be repaired or replaced. So how do you know if your disposal needs a maintenance visit or replacement? Below are some indicators that it may be time to call a plumber for your garbage disposal.

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Common Challenges with Shower Installations

Shower installations can be a tough job, even for those experienced in remodeling. All shower installations require strict attention to proper drainage, code requirement, and the incorporation of plumbing fixtures. If you know what you are doing, installing a new shower can be a great change that your bathroom may desperately need.

However, if you are like most homeowners or companies, installing a new shower yourself is extremely difficult. That’s why it’s important to turn to an expert. Our Brooklyn plumbing service can handle shower installations on both a small and large scale, as we are master plumbers with significant expertise in NYC shower installation, and we’d love to help you with your next bathroom remodel.

When faced with a shower installation, it is important to consider all of the challenges that you may face. Some of these include:

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5 Causes of Malfunctioning Garbage Disposals

Garbage disposals are one of the most useful tools in your kitchen. They cut down on garbage, make it easier to clean, and prevent clogged drains. Your garbage disposal is an often forgotten, but incredibly valuable addition to your home.

However, because they are used so often, they are at risk for breaking down over time. In some cases they may malfunction, and when that occurs it will be important to correctly diagnose the problem in order to figure out how to fix it.

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4 Commercial Plumbing Concerns That Differ From Residential Plumbing

Business owners and property managers in Brooklyn have more to worry about when it comes to their plumbing when compared to residential property owners. At home, if a toilet backs up or a pipe leaks you can usually make do until the plumber has time to see you. That is not true in a commercial setting, where a plumbing problem can impact your business quickly.

To avoid these types of concerns, it is important that you have a plumber on call who knows the difference between commercial and residential plumbing. Here are 4 common distinctions between the two property types that affect the plumber you choose to hire.

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How to Tell if You Have a Leaky Pipe | NYC Plumbing Services

All around your property are a series of pipes that are all designed to quickly and easily bring water to sinks, bathtubs, and more. Most of the time these pipes work properly, but over time, all pipes have a tendency to break down, and in some cases it could lead to the development of a leak.

Signs to Detect Leaks

Small puddles inside and outside of your Brooklyn property and rising water bills can be an indication that you have a leak. The smallest leak can quickly use gallons of water and cost you hundreds extra in expenses every year and, in some cases, may lead to property damage that can cost thousands to fix.

Luckily, there are some ways to determine if you actually have a leak in your pipes before it becomes a series problem.

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Troubleshooting: How to Determine the Cause of Your High Water Bill

In an ideal world, you would be notified of a problem with your plumbing long before there was an issue. Unfortunately for many Brooklyn residents, plumbing issues do not usually announce themselves, and you’re left troubleshooting the issues that could be affecting your home’s water.

One of the first signs of a potential plumbing issue is an unusually high water bill. High water bills do not always mean that there is a problem, however. If your water bill is higher than usual, or if you have seen a steady increase in your bill for several billing cycles, you may have to consider your own behaviors and how they may have contributed to a higher than average water use, including:

  1. 1.Recent Changes in Your Water Use –Situations such as prolonged guest stays, filling a swimming pool, or a change in the season can affect your water use.
  2. 2.New Equipment That Uses Water – New equipment such as washing machines, sprinkler systems, or freezers can increase your water bill.
  3. 3.Issues With the Meter – Your meter could be faulty and need to be replaced, or you may have a new meter that runs better and more accurately shows your water consumption.

These are some common scenarios that you should consider when trying to determine why your water bill is so high, and can be altered with a few lifestyle changes.

But if you have tried to reduce your water use only to see that your bill is still high, chances are the problem is a leak.

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